Noelle Daniels

SET Coordinator

Ph: 866.777.4015 x815

Noelle joined Strategic Retirement Partners as a Sales Enhancement Team Coordinator. Noelle graduated from Flashpoint Chicago with an Associate of Applied Science in Recording Arts.

Prior to joining SRP, Noelle worked in the film industry, where she worked with clients to help achieve their dreams by working with a team to create sonic environments, as well as worked in the customer service industries that also drove her to a wanting to work with and for others.

Currently, Noelle resides in Chicago as she recently moved from Indiana, where she was born and raised.

What was your first job?

My first job was as a cashier where you see every single type of person and was able to learn how to interact with so many different types of personalities. It was a great way to start off my working career.

What is one thing you obsess over?

I obsess over movie mistakes! Working in the industry you learn to be able to pick out so many little mistakes in film and TV, from seeing a boom microphone in the corner, a camera’s reflection in a car, to weird camera transitions and swaps. It makes it hard to sit and be engrossed in a movie nowadays.

What is one thing that you love to do that you get to do nearly every day?

One thing I love that I get to do every day is play video games! It is my main hobby and I enjoy every single part of it! I love hanging out with friends in slow burn games or getting super competitive in fps games! It was a huge part of my childhood that never went away.