Retirement Plan Consulting

"Retirement Plan Consulting is the foundation on which SRP was built. Being a great steward is not about checking a box. It's about doing the right thing day in and day out for those who rely on you. We are passionate about plan governance support, investments, and risk mitigation, so our clients can focus on what matters...positive outcomes for their people."
- Jeff Cullen

401(k) / 403(b) / 401(a)

Defined contribution plans have become the foundation of private retirement planning for the vast majority of working Americans. As an employer offering a defined contribution plan to your employees, you bear a fiduciary responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with constantly evolving regulatory guidelines under ERISA law.

Equally important, you want to make sure you are providing the best suitable plan possible to the employees who contribute a lifetime of work and dedication to the success of your enterprise.

Meanwhile, you have a company to run…

Strategic Retirement Partners understands the importance of the commitment you have made on behalf of your employees. Our dedicated focus and depth of expertise in the corporate retirement plan field can help you design, select, and manage both your plan, investments and risk as plan fiduciaries, while simultaneously helping to ensure that you and your workforce are able to fully understand and maximize the potential of this very important benefit.

It's what we do...

Defined Benefit

Employers who maintain traditional Defined Benefit plans understand that long-term forecasting and the development of a comprehensive risk management strategies are essential to helping meet organizational goals, pension plan goals and obligations to your employees.

As a comprehensive retirement plan consulting practice, Strategic Retirement Partners is one of a few independent retirement practices with a dedicated team of Defined Benefit plan specialists. Our consulting team will help your administrative and investment committees evaluate your plan and determine a strategy that fits with company goals. We can help whether your plan is active, frozen or terminating.

Additionally, we constantly stay abreast of legislative changes to help ensure you have an investment and distribution process that adheres to fiduciary procedures mandated by the DOL under ERISA Law.


Our ESOP team marries industry expertise and a practical perspective to help ensure the unique circumstances of each client are met. The one constant you can count on in business is change. Being prepared for those changes is important to help ensure that plan’s best interests are always met. Our strategic oversight support strives to help keep your plan on track.

SRP provides integrated ESOP consulting that is proactive, practical and customized to meet the unique needs of each of our ESOP clients. We are invested in your success and our mission is to help you as the plan sponsor be great stewards of your ESOP by carrying out your fiduciary duties in a prudent, well-documented and cost-effective manner.