Advisors as Investment Fiduciaries

"DOL rule 408(b)(2) is what a service provider provides to a Plan Sponsor to say what their fee, service, and will they take personal responsibility as an investment fiduciary. Let’s put this word into context. Almost everyone uses a personal fiduciary and is a fiduciary in their everyday life. I am talking about doctors and parents. Good doctors put the health of their patients ahead of their own concern about fees. They understand they are responsible for their actions. Good parents are fiduciaries of their children. The parent puts the needs of their children ahead of their own and would never try to give the responsibility of this duty to someone else (although there are times…). The parent wants to see their children grow into caring, thoughtful, and capable adults. For our professionals, being a fiduciary is a labor of love."
- Craig Dewey

For Employers

Strategic Retirement Partners recognizes that you have a business to run, and likely, reviewing investments is not a part of your day to day responsibilities. With this in mind, approved SRP advisors can partner with you to take on Fiduciary Responsibility 3(38) for the investments in your plan. While taking on 3(38) Fiduciary Responsibility cannot remove all of the fiduciary liability, it is our job to help you mitigate this. You should receive no less from anyone you entrust to help your employees retire on time and with dignity.

We believe the key differences between the 3(38) solution SRP professionals provide vs. others lies in the personalized experience you will receive. We tailor our fund selection to the needs of your participant demographics to help enhance their experience and compliment other retirement benefits you may offer. Whether it is analyzing your Target Date funds, reviewing your fund offerings, or analyzing your line up for strategic opportunities, there is no “one size fits all” mentality.

We provide an essential 404(c) protection by assuming fiduciary responsibility for our investment choices, freeing up you and your committee from having to complete and document in depth fund reviews. All of our decisions and meetings are thoroughly documented and explained in written minutes we provide. As your partner, we have your interests in mind.

For Recordkeepers and Advisors

Certain approved SRP advisors can provide outsourced 3(38) solutions to your clients. While several national firms offer this service, there are key differences between the 3(38) solutions SRP professionals provide and the others:

Personalized Experience - We tailor our lineups to the needs of the participants and the plan sponsor. We recognize that you have a relationship with your client and our job is to enhance that. We get to know your client’s demographics and needs, so we can tailor solutions unique to those needs. Cost is but one criteria that should be considered, not the only one. There is no “one size fits all” mentality here.

Fiduciary Protection - We provide essential 404(c) protections by assuming fiduciary responsibility for our investment strategies. We are not a wealth management firm that also manages retirement plans, we are a total retirement plan advisory practice that does not have proprietary product or competing agendas.

Partnership - As your partner in client service, we respect mutual confidentiality and will sign a non-solicitation agreement to protect your client relationships, tailoring our service model to complement your offering. In the crowded world of investment advisory services, we see opportunity in forming mutually beneficial relationships.