Become an Advisor

"Whether you are an advisor with 5 years of experience or 5 years from retirement, SRP has the right combination of human and intellectual capital to help you grow and succeed.”
- Jeff Cullen

Interested in becoming an SRP Advisor? Email Jacquelyn Hendricks, our Director of Business Development, at Learn more about why you should join below.


We are not a tools provider looking for subscribers, but rather a team in search of like-minded teammates. Our priorities are to find advisors who share our:

Culture - We have procured a culture of collaboration, meritocracy, and innovation. It is important that we continue to invite and attract those who share this vision.

Drive for Growth - Our advisors are hungry to grow and have the ability to move up market.

Human Capital - It is our most important asset. Finding others that enhance our HC is essential.

SRP Model

Non-client facing activities waste a tremendous amount of time for advisors. These are activities that hold back growth and destroy margins. The SRP Model is designed to eliminate or co-source a large percentage of those tasks, allowing you to focus on growth opportunities and increase the value of your practice. Leverage our time and experience.

Operational Support - Put Your Practice on Auto Pilot. The SRP team of Relationship Managers support your clients in the day-to-day admin of their plans and quarterbacks your client service plans.

Expand Your Pipeline - Nationally managed campaigns, webinars, newsletters, materials, RFP desk, and content, backed up by comprehensive sales technology, free you up to win more clients.

Advanced Consulting - Never walk into a finals again without industry leading solutions for investments, risk management, vendor benchmarking, plan design consulting, participant engagement, and financial wellness.

Innovative Technology - Work smarter, faster, and with more clarity with the SRP suite of proprietary and non-proprietary tools.

Succession Made Easy - The continuity of people your clients know, deliverables your clients appreciate, and a brand your clients trust seeks to create successful outcomes for you when you’re ready.