How We Do It

Invest Wisely

The primary function of our advisory process is to provide ongoing due diligence towards maximizing fiduciary protection, enhance opportunities for employees, and ensure a best practices retirement plan. We focus on three key steps:


Best Opportunities under a Magnifying Glass


Constantly monitoring the opportunities


Checking off targets as we go

You can rely on our due diligence process to increase investment opportunities for employees and address fiduciary liability concerns. Investment analysis and advice is the cornerstone of our practice.

Productive Relationships

National Vendor Relationships

Strategic Retirement Partners recognizes the importance of fee analysis and vendor reviews. Regular RFP/Benchmarking reviews help to keep your plan competitive with current, live bid, pricing and the latest service offerings from your recordkeeper.


Strategic Retirement Partners recognizes the importance of fee analysis and vendor reviews. Regular RFP/Benchmarking reviews help to keep your plan competitive with current, live bid, pricing and the latest service offerings from your recordkeeper.

Take a look at our benchmarking procedure that assists plan sponsors

Phase 1

• Initial discussion and selection of service providers

• Information gathering

• RFP questionnaire sent to qualified service providers

Phase 2

• RFP questionnaires received

• Initial analysis created and presented

Phase 3

• Renegotiation of fees/services from incumbent presented

• If accepted, internal conversation begins.

• RFP continues otherwise

• Semi-finalists selected

Phase 4

• Final presentation of RFP analysis

• Finalist service providers selected

• Presentation by finalists

• Final decision made

Phase 5

• Implementation with winning service provider

• Begin conversion process

Risk Management

ERISA Fiduciary Training

Preparing new and existing fiduciaries for their duties has long been a concern for plan sponsors. According to the Profit Sharing Council of America, one of the first things the Department of Labor asks when auditing a company is if its fiduciaries have received training. ERISA attorneys and retirement plan advisors strongly recommend that retirement plan fiduciaries have ongoing fiduciary training.

Our comprehensive online fiduciary training program was developed in conjunction with Wagner Law Group, for retirement plan committee members.. The goals and objectives of this program are:

Risk Mitigation
Successful Outcomes
Achievement Based
Fast Onboarding

Global Retirement Partners, Strategic Retirement Partners and LPL Financial are not affiliated with Wagner Law Group.

Thoughtful Plan Design Review

It is well substantiated that engaging and educating employees, while important, is simply not enough to change saving behavior. We believe that the answer to getting us all to save enough and be ready for retirement lies at the intersection of plan design and participant engagement. If we help you get your plan designed right, we can help get your participants started on the right path towards a fulfilling retirement. Our Plan Design Optimizer does exactly that. By optimizing the "Choice Architecture" where key decisions are made, it can have a significant impact on participant outcomes; well beyond a comprehensive education program alone. Using our proprietary Total Retirement Outcome Analyzer we can review the design options available, estimate the impact to savings rates, and help you optimize for the retirement readiness of you and your employees.

Reward and Retain Assets

Businesswoman identifying trends

Attract and Secure Talent

Potential candidate under a magnifying glass

Strategic Wealth Transfer

Bar graph of income growth

Engage Participants

At SRP we truly focus on helping participants pursue their retirement dreams. We don't want participants to simply hope for a great retirement; we want to teach them good behaviors and habits that can help them succeed. That's why our Education is focused not only on Retirement Planning, but overall Financial Wellness. Participants who have good financial habits are typically happier, more productive and naturally positioned to make more suitable savings decisions for their future!

SRP offers a suite of services that are designed with the goal to help your employees change their relationship with money; that of being controlled, to being in control. Whether your work force is tech savvy, paper dependent, engaged in financial matters or not, we use a full arsenal of tools to help them out. Webinars, podcasts, email challenges, personalized online tools, group and one-on-one meetings are just some of the ways we help people relate to their money.

Utilizing proprietary tools, we can help measure the success employees are experiencing. Gone are the days of difficult-to-understand investment speak, drawn out presentations and mind numbing charts that served to complicate rather than educate. We invite you to come experience a fresh, inspirational and fun approach that impacts overall Wellness for each and every participant.