SRP 4th Quarter Participant Webinar – Strategic Retirement Partners

SRP 4th Quarter Participant Webinar


What’s all the crypto-buzz about?  Are digital assets here to stay?  Have you been meaning to brush up on the basics of cryptocurrency?

If you are “Crypto-Curious” this session is for you! 

Cryptocurrencies aren’t new, but they’re gaining the interest of governments, institutional investors, and individual investors around the world as an emerging asset class. This educational session will take a simple approach to explain the evolution of currency, the new world of digital assets, and the technology behind it all.  If you’ve been wondering what “blockchain” and “crypto mining” are, you’ll want to join Jeff Cullen, Managing Partner of SRP, to kick-off your crypto education journey.  Jeff will discuss what you should know as an investor in your workplace retirement plan.


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