A Note From SRP – Strategic Retirement Partners

A Note From SRP

As your retirement plan advisor, it would be rather expected for us to view the evolving events in Ukraine and Russia as a market event. Without question, however, our firm views this as a human event of great concern. Above all, our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and all those currently compromised by this serious conflict.

While each of us will respond to the crisis in our own way personally, we’d like to share some financial insight that may help you navigate the present uncertainty.

The events in Ukraine caused the markets to sell sharply and then rebound, and we will likely see this repeat multiple times before this crisis is over. We may even see a decline in the market that may last for some time. This is undoubtedly a good time to assess your finances and consider steps to weather the potential storm.

If you are more than 10 years from retirement, your best course may be to stay the course with your retirement savings and investing strategy. Market dips, while sometimes scary, can be good opportunities to increase your total retirement savings long-term. If you feel more anxious this time, contact SRP to talk about your strategy moving forward.

If you are 10 years or less from retirement, now is a good time to review your investment strategy. While making major changes to your portfolio may not be the answer, taking this opportunity to review your goals and your investment risk tolerance could go a long way towards building confidence.

Regardless of your time to retirement, volatile and uncertain times like today are often ideal times to review the asset allocation/current mix/diversification of your current portfolio to ensure that it properly reflects your risk and return objectives.

Remember, while we cannot predict the future, we can review the past, and it tells us to keep saving, keep reviewing our goals and consistently check in with trusted advisors to help keep our financial houses in order.

The following chart provides insight into the impact on market performance of past geopolitical events.

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Right-size your risk.

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