Lalo Dominguez

Education Specialist

Ph: 866.SRP.401K x743

Lalo is a Participant Education Specialist supporting the SRP Great Lakes (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana) retirement plan book of business. Lalo has spent over 27 years leading various teams in a client service capacity, bringing a depth of client service and client relationship experience to the SRP team. Lalo helps participants connect, build trust, and make successful financial decisions. Having experience working in the gaming industry, Lalo often says “Ensuring you are financially ready to retire is a gamble you don’t want to take!”

Lalo has one daughter and one granddaughter. When not working, Lalo enjoys spending time with his family. He also likes going to new restaurants and trying new experiences, like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

What was your first job?

I was an usher at the Paramount Theatre. I started at 13 years old. Not sure if that was legal but I did have a lot of fun doing that job. I met a few celebrities.

What gives you nightmares?

The movie Poltergeist (clown at the end of bed – scene). Still to this day I look away.

What is your favorite quote?

Don’t give up on what you want most, for what you want now.