Ann-Marie Sepuka

Managing Director, Houston

Ph: 866.SRP.401K x761

Ann-Marie is the Managing Director leading SRP’s Houston, Texas office. She is a detail-oriented consultant, a strategic thinker and a participant advocate that works with mid-market companies to help them implement retirement plan solutions that strive to give their employees the confidence to save for retirement.

Ann-Marie wakes up every morning because she wants to make an Impact and goes to bed every night knowing she might possibly Make a Difference. Impact and Making a Difference in the percentage of employees enrolled, in the amount an employee saves, in the ability for employees to reach their retirement goals.

Ann-Marie has been passionate about educating those around her since a very early age. As a semi-professional figure skater, she taught ice skating to skaters who ranged in age from young children to early adults. She really felt her best when she saw the smiles on their faces when they landed a jump or completed a spin. That taught her how to communicate and educate to all different age groups at all different levels.

The employers Ann-Marie works with know that she is passionate about her work. She delivers an honest, detailed approach to implementing Best Practices in their retirement plans. Ann-Marie works best with companies that are holistic about their benefit plans- employers who want to look beyond a traditional plan offering by considering different plan design features and plan alternatives such as Non-Qualified Plans and Defined Benefit Plans. That is what brings out her best work.

Today Ann-Marie leads our Houston team in developing fresh, new approaches to retirement plans. Ann-Marie says, “I love what I do. I may never know if I truly made an impact on an employee's retirement savings but just having the opportunity to do so is what keeps me ticking.”

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